Get involved.  

The rewards of volunteering.
The rewards of volunteering are many, and extend far beyond the good feeling you get from helping others. Volunteer expert Susan J. Ellis of Energize, Inc. explains that, over time, many people may find themselves on both sides of a volunteer exchange. For example, a senior may be a volunteer tutor at a local school and also benefit from volunteer transportation services during the winter months. This kind of mutual assistance is one of many great reasons to volunteer. Here are some others: 


 Make a difference in someone else’s life.

 Learn about your community.

 Develop leadership skills.

 Keep active.

 Make new friends.

 Enhance your resume.

 Start a family tradition.

 Take on a new challenge.

 Become a change agent.

 Pass on a skill you've mastered.

 Share your enthusiasm for a cause or belief.

 Be a valued part of a team.

 Help create the kind of community you want.



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